Dragon Tattoo Designs

Classic large dragon tattoo design.Strength and Power of Dragon Tattoo Designs

There are times when a certain tat design has similar universal meaning, but in the case of dragon tattoo design, it has a different meaning in the East and West.  In the East, the meaning of dragon tat is more positive compared to the West.  As you read this article, you’ll find relevant information about this tat design including its perceived meaning.

The dragon is a kind of legendary figure that has inherent reptilian or serpentine traits based on the myths of several cultures worldwide.  The 2 known distinctive types of dragons according to different cultural traditions are the European dragons and the Chinese dragon.  The European dragons come from the folklore in Europe which are related to the Greek traditions and Middle East mythologies.

Western tattoo on girl's back.

Ancient Celtic dragon tattoo sample.On the other hand, the Chinese dragons have counterparts in Korea, Japan and other countries in the east of Asia.  Pertaining to the east, dragon tattoo designs are believed to bring good luck and fertility, while in the west, they are perceived to be monsters and carriers of evil spirit that destroy homes and families.

The tattoos with an image of the dragon are mostly found in different tat arts such as Celtic dragon, Chinese dragon, Japanese dragon tattoos, etc. These tats are commonly seen engraved on the ankles, lower back, chest, upper arm and shoulders.  Continue reading below so you’ll know the different meanings of dragon tats pertaining to different cultures.

As far as the Japanese dragon tattoo designs are concerned, they are a combination of myths that originated from India, Korea and China.  Similar to the dragons of Asia, the Japanese dragons are powerful creatures that are said to govern large bodies of water and rainfall as well.  They are usually portrayed as huge, serpentine types of creatures that have clawed feet, and wingless.

In Japanese mythology, dragons play an important role, and they are considered as the guardians of water.  This is the reason why Japanese tats are usually portrayed in the areas of clouds.  It has been said that Japan’s 1st Emperor belongs to the dragon family.  Usually, the Japanese dragon tattoos represent protection for the royal family.

3 types of Japanese dragon.

Concerning the typical characteristics of the dragon tattoo designs in Japan, the dragons have no wings.  They are drawn green dragon tattoo on shoulder.as serpentine, having the head of a camel; the paws are similar to a tiger, claws of an eagle, and their scales belonging to a carp.  The Japanese dragon tats signify power, longevity, protection of families and guardians of homes.

The different kinds of Japanese dragon tattoos and their corresponding meanings include “Sui-Riu” which means the dragon king, as controller of rain, and the “Han-Riu” which is known to be the biggest of them all, having stripes on the body.  Also included are “Kai-Riu”, which is small with red color and “Fuku Riu” which is the carrier of good fortune.

Chinese dragon tattoo designs signify intelligence, benevolence, harmony, health, good luck and strength.  Some of the known characteristics of the Chinese tats include having a flaming pearl beneath their chins, flexible for fitting, possess a snake look, and having scales in the entire body.  Aside from being associated with rain, they are believed to have supernatural powers.

Japanese yellow dragon tattoo.At this point, you’ll be oriented about the symbolism of the Chinese dragon tat.  The Horned Dragon signifies that the wearer expresses the desire to be strong and powerful, both in words and in actions.  In the case of the Earth Dragon, it represents the ruler of the planet earth, as well as a connection with the land or earth.

Among the different dragon tattoo designs, the Yellow Dragon is known to be a hornless dragon which is a representation of intelligence and vast knowledge in relevant matters.  In the case of the Celestial Dragon, it is a kind of dragon that is held responsible to safeguard the Gods.  Those people, who possess deep spiritual belief, prefer to embed these tattoos.

When you speak of tribal dragon tattoo designs, they are usually made up of curving lines that surround the tats.  Thus, the manner how dragon tats are done use the simplified style of tribal tattoos.  One great thing about these tats is that they never lose their visual impact.  They are usually made in a fierce appearance and in a very large size to indicate their strength and dominance over others.

Charts of various tribal dragon tattoo designs.

As far as the oriental culture is concerned, the images of dragons that are shown in dragon tattoo designs are recognized Tiger flighting with dragon tattoo image.as defenders of the oppressed, and the tigers are believed to be the enemies and offenders of the weak.  Once you see a dragon placed above the tiger, it would symbolize that the person wearing the tat will win the battle versus the dark forces, and that they would remain to be on the side of the good ones.

Once you see a tiger wrestling with a dragon in a tat design, it means that the individual is aggressive, and has the tendency to disregard the right of others, as well as their properties.  On the other hand, once the tiger and the dragon are facing each other at the same level, it is recognized as the Yin Yang symbols, made up of opposing forces that are equal to each other.

Now that you’re fully aware about the relevant features of dragon tattoo designs and their corresponding meanings, here are some tips for you to follow before you finalize your decision to engrave thisA red and white dragon yingyang tattoo design. tat design on your body.  First, you should select a kind of dragon tat which is suitable to your own personality.  If you can’t do it yourself alone, then, you can ask the help of a skilled tat artist to create something unique and attractive for your skin.

You can even search online for more relevant information about these tattoos.  The ultimate reason why you have to do this is that the tat will remain on your skin for the rest of your life.  Once you commit a mistake in choosing a wrong tat design, there’s no turning back.  Deletion of wrong dragon tattoo design would be a great disappointment for you, and aside from being costly, you’ll experience a very painful process.