2 Types of Dragon Tattoo Sleeve Designs

A long hair man embedded a dragon tattoo along his left sleeve and chest.The dragons have always been considered in many legends and myths as giant, winged and mythical creatures. They are imagined with having a fiery breath with ferocious persona. They are often compared to the ancient prehistoric dinosaurs that ruled the surface of the earth long before man stepped into this world.

The Chinese and Japanese are the two father of the dragon mythology. However, they both differ from each other with respect to their dragons, and what meaning does these creatures symbolizes in their cultures. So let us go into a bit detail as to what the originators are differing in.

1.    Chinese Dragon Tattoo Sleeve Design:

In the mythology of the Chinese, a dragon consists of a combination of nine different physical entities. It includes, a chimera which is in Greek mythology is referred to the fire-breathing she-monster, an eye of an evil demon, the horns like those of a stag, ears like those of a cow, neck like a snake, long and slithery, claws like those of an eagle, and the toes are like the paws of a tiger. It has 117 scales like the scales of a carp fish, thus also giving the name to the Koi (carp) fish as the ‘dragon fish’.

Am awesome Chinese dragon tattoo design for men or women's sleeve.

Therefore, you can conclude, how difficult and time consuming it can be to draw dragon tattoo sleeve designs. In the Chinese traditional values, the meaning behind this sacred tattoo was so elaborative, and every detail was put into so much scrutiny and inspection, that if anyone had 5 dragons claws in his dragon tattoo sleeve designs instead of 4 (apart from the Emperor, who was the only one dignified enough to have 5 claws), was given a death sentence! So, even a minor mistake by the tattoo artist could cost your life.

These dragon tattoo sleeve designs are drawn in vibrant colors, however, the tribal version of this design is drawn in black with some scripting elements in the local tribal languages would add up to the effects.

An amazing color dragon tattoo embedded on half sleeve.

2.    Japanese Dragon Tattoo Sleeve Design:

In the Japanese mythology, the dragon is a bit different then what the Chinese believe. They are said to have three claws instead of four (in general terms), and prefer staying in one place rather than flying most of the time. The Japanese believe these dragons to be the protectors of humankind, and are bringer of good fortune and confer all the wishes one asks for. They also believed in their ancient mythologies, that their Emperor was a descendant of the mighty dragons, thus making him the most feared and powerful person on earth.

Man embedding the Japanese dragon tattoo along his sleeve and chest at tattoo parlor.

The Japanese dragon tattoo sleeve designs are made by using sharp noticeable colors, and its wings were even larger and more prominent than those of the Chinese dragons.

The attraction of this dragon tattoo sleeve design is felt and observed on both the genders, and both can choose their own designs, and elements, and colors to make their design stand out the most.