Koi Dragon Tattoo: Great Variety and Styles

A grey dragon koi tattoo with cherry blossom and Kanji pierced on upeer arm.Koi dragon tattoos indeed are the most colorful and vibrant tattoo designs. It’s because of this vitality and large designs that many women and men are attracted towards these designs. These are big designs that have a koi fish design with the dragon face. With the vast choice of colors available for this design, it is a perfect color and theme to get for a tattoo lovers.

Koi Dragon Tattoo Design

The dragon design depicts the aura of courage and firmness. It has its strong mystical roots where people believed that when koi fish makes its way up on the river to reach dragon cage, it is transformed into a big dragon. This notion signifies that if a person is confident and has belief, then nothing is unattainable.

If you want to rule your destiny, then get beyond your fears, put your best effort to everything and don’t be afraid to take risk; no task will then be big enough to hamper your way. The Japanese believed in hard work and passed this message to its coming generations. Therefore getting Koi dragon tattoo made symbolizes this hard work and is great inspiration for youngsters.

The Conversion Tattoos

The tattoo that is preferred most is that of Koi fish being converted into dragon.

Man had a red koi dragon with cherry blossom tattooed on his arm.

The scene is portrayed by keeping the body that of a fish as it is, but placing dragon’s face with fire in its place. It indeed is a combination of a dragon tattoo and the Koi fish tattoo put together with their colors and beauty. The design also includes water and waves or clouds to give a complete look to the original mythology. Thus the Koi dragon tattoo provides a vast array of color and design choices to tattoo lovers who can experiment with several design and color schemes to get the one that appeal to them.

Tribal Tattoo

The way that these tattoos are made also has a great impact on its design. There are two common types of styles in which these Koi dragon tattoos are made; the Celtic style and the Tribal style. Koi dragon design made in the tribal tattoo style looks extremely elegant and stylish. These tattoos are made exclusively in black, combining several tribal designs complementing each other. These amazing tattoo designs are often combined with ancient Japanese scripts, originating from their tribes, having great meanings attached to it. These old Japanese scripts, combined with the color theme, give these dragon tattoos an attractive and stylish look.

Man's right arm was tattooed with a best traditional koi dragon.

The other design style of making Koi tattoos is Celtic style. Being structural in design and colored in black, these tattoo designs give a very sensible, yet elegant, look to the tattoo design.

Different people prefer making the Koi tattoos on different parts of their body, including neck, arm, lower back or even ankle. Where ever you decide to get the Koi dragon tattoos made, it will give you that different and modish look that you can for sure flaunt around with.