Mythical Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs

An attractive celtic dragon tattoo design for men and women.In the world of tattoo cultures, Celtic dragon tattoo designs hold a mystical aura. Dragons have always been a legend, portraying mystical force and fierce power.  A Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design can have various meanings. Since dragons have always been talked about as unique mythical creatures, people wanting to have a Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design can be portrayed as a way for them to tame these ferocious mythical beasts.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs expresses power. There are many ways to have it tattooed on the body. The designs can be tattooed on the torso, or have it around the arm like an armband. It can even cover the vertical side of your body from the ankle up to the legs. Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs can be visualized in different ways according to the complexity and multiplicity of the design.

The best mythical celtic dragon tattoo picture for men's body.Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs are one of the most complex dragon tattoos, because of its sharp pointed tooth, dragon breath and its mythical fiery eyes.

So why is it called Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs? What does Celts have to do with dragons? Let us go back to the ancient times of the Irish legends in which the dragons were mentioned in their medieval stories. There were two dragons, a red dragon and a white dragon. One represented Britain, while the other was the enemy nation. In the myth, the red dragon was the mighty protector of the Welsh from the Saxons who were incarnated by the white dragon. The legend was that the red dragon brought peace to the land, by dragging the white dragon into the mighty ocean. Since then, the red dragon has been a symbol of leadership of the Briton King. The Welsh Prince still uses the red dragon in the coat of arms because the whole myth symbolizes war.

A fantastic and perfect celtic dragon tattoo design picture for men.Today, the Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs have been modernized. However, its meaning remains archaic, that embodies power and courage. Everyone has different ideas and myths regarding what a Dragon actually is, because of the various mythological stories, which has brought the dragon today into the world of animations. Dragons represent fire and are considered to be evil as well because of its association with serpents and snakes. However, for the Chinese it symbolizes their wisdom, knowledge, and surrealistic beauty.

The Celtics however, consider that the dragons have magnetic connection with Earth and it comprises of healing powers, thus they put stone that is sacred to them, in the place where they believe the dragon resides. They also believe that Dragons have the power to prophesize, and look into the divine future, and they consider dragons as merciful creatures, having wisdom and empowering vision.

Man had an awesome celtic dragon tattooed on his right calf.

However, today in the modern contemporary world, where there is no space for mythologies and fantasies, people believe that if someone has Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs on their bodies, it depicts harm and evil, and symbolizes bad, immoral characteristics, which may be a misinterpretation from what the ancient Celtics truly believed in.