Perfect Arm Dragon Tattoos

Man had a gorgeous celtic dragon tattooed design on his left upper arm.Before we go through what are arm dragon tattoos, we might want to consider what dragons are. As different mythologies have transcended throughout the years, Dragons have always been one of the most talked about supernatural entities, which are considered mystical and magical creatures, possessing supreme power and qualities. No one really knows it for sure whether it is true or not, but there have been many legends regarding that, and many enthusiasts believe, dragons are considered as what they call as “surviving dinosaurs”.

Today, however, dragons are more used in tattoo designs which is not only limited to males, but females are also as much involved into arm dragon tattoos as their opposite sex. The only thing that separates the two species of humankind is that women prefer arm dragon tattoos, on their shoulders and feet, whereas men usually prefer to get the dragon tattoo on their back, legs or arm.

As with any tattoo designs, the arm dragon tattoo too has its own meaning. These meanings differ from one culture to another; depending on what they have been listening to throughout their lives and what significance does one mythology have in that particular culture.

The black and grey dragon tattoo design for men's upper arm.

Arm dragon tattoos are meant to symbolize courage, strength and might. In some specific cultures, it is considered to bring luck and symbolizes qualities such as power, wisdom and dignity. In some Asian countries, especially like in China and Thailand, dragons represent magical powers that are more often associated with water.

In ancient history, the dragon was believed and somewhat feared as a creature having immense power and strength. Because of these legends, the dragons were considered war-like entities, which were often used as the keepers of royal treasures and immeasurable wealth. As we often see in movies, and hear in stories and legends, that the armored knights were obliged to defeat the dragon before reaching the treasure. This can be used as a metaphor where a person has to overcome some obstacles and hurdles in life, before actually being able to cherish and treasure the life he has yet to live.

A simple and beautiful tribal dragon tattoo is embedded on man's arm.

Even though dragons were used to terrorize people, and were considered as demonic symbols, it was still believed to have many positive attributes and was regarded as brave, mighty and courageous.

Back in time, when people slayed these beasts for the attainment of the treasure, it was represented as a spiritual triumph of overwhelming all the fears and everything a person is scared of, which eventually was interpreted as a symbol of selfless courage.

Man's forearm was tattooed with a mystical dragon design.

The reason why men like arm dragon tattoo designs, is because the dragon is said to be a free, fearless and powerful creature, so the tattoos for males represent having a  bold, carefree and a daring individuality. A dragon tattoo on the back or shoulder signifies strength and protection. An arm dragon tattoo also can be interpreted the same way, as arms are usually represented with strength.